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About Me

I believe there is a purposeful connection to learn, heal and grow until we reach life's end. That the universe is always working towards our highest good, unfolding with it's divine timing to teach us valuable lessons along the way. Obstacles are merely opportunities designed to  guide us so that we can reflect and seek change within ourselves and our environment. Our struggles allow us to discover our greatest potentials and pave the way for us to  step into our power so that we can live more authentically and aligned with our purpose. I am  an empath, highly intuitive, attuned to energy, vibration and the needs of others. A significant part of my life has been influenced by the arts, spirituality, yoga, meditation, metaphysics and being guided by the universe to seek truth and enlightenment. I am extremely passionate about using the skills I have acquired and empowering others to heal and transform their own lives. I use a blend of many different modalities such as Usui and Tummo Reiki, Intuitive Guidance, and Strategic Intervention Coaching under Tony Robbins/Robbins-Madanes Training, which covers a variety of disciplines. Whether it's in a healing or coaching session my clear and pure intention is for each client's highest good and potential.  I use a  gentle, supportive and honest approach backed with integrity and results. In order for us to truly transform we must look deep within to understand and heal the root cause of our pain/suffering and limitations. I am here to help you release what is not serving you and to create and allow more of what does. I look forward to guiding you on your journey. 

With love, light and  gratitude,


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