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Reiki Benefits

  • Helps in stress reduction and promotes relaxation while providing more comfort and peace.

  • Reduces depression and anxiety by changing your mood.

  • Increases mobility in case of shoulder pain, wrist pain, lower back pain.

  • Helps bring balance back to symptoms due to chronic and acute conditions such as stress related disorders, conditions related to  sinus, menopause, migraine, cystitis, asthma, chronic fatigue,  arthritis, back and sciatica to name a few. 

  • Heals infections and inflammations. Speeds up the healing process. 

  • Cleanses the organs (heart, liver, kidneys, spleen, gall bladder, lungs.) 

  • Improves a list of metabolic syndrome- symptoms associated with risk of type 2 diabetes.

  • Treats symptoms associated with cancers- It cannot cure cancer but it can effectively treat associated symptoms of  cancer such as depression, pain and fatigue.

  • Boosts the immune system. 

  • Enables emotional, psychical, mental and spiritual growth. Enhances your capability to love, to  empathize as it enables you to connect deeply with people. 

  • Heals and strengthens both personal and professional relationships. 

  • Helps clients with grieving process during loss or trauma.

  • Promotes inner peace, harmony, balance and clarity. It "cleans" and "clears" your emotions.

  • Helps increase energy and promotes creativity.

  • Reiki is good for everyone. Adults, kids, toddlers, pets, plants, our environment and situations. 

Reiki is safe, gentle and non-intrusive and becoming an accepted presence in hospitals and clinics today perhaps because the  healing approach is non-traumatic and easily integrated with  conventional therapies.

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