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"Wow, Thank you.  I really feel at peace and's amazing. I don't think I have felt like this since I was a kid. Wow, wow, wow."  Nick, Los Angeles, CA

Soraya is absolutely incredible and she does amazing life-changing work. I feel incredible and could not believe the results. Look no further! :)"   John, Venice , CA

"Soraya is amazing! She is a truly gifted Reiki expert and very intuitive. Be prepared to be surrounded by an intensely loving and welcoming energy. Soraya makes you feel included before even walking in the door. I LOVE how comfortable and positive the space is. When you make the decision to accept change into your life this is definitely the place to do it.Her gentle and caring nature allows you to let your guard down for true healing to occur. Soraya is a beautiful and intuitive soul.  I left feeling much more confident about my current journey.She guided me to trust my inner being. That is so valuable to me because it lead me to the strength and answers that existed within me. I am so grateful to have found her! If you're feeling, stuck, off-balance, confused or sick, Reiki is a great modality to bring you back into harmony. And Soraya's work is truly something to experience. Thank you, Soraya, for shifting me back into alignment. easy."  Jacqueline, Red Wood City, CA

Soraya is simply a magnificent gift of serenity. My experience with her was absolutely phenomenal. She is extremely caring and patient. An attentive listener who makes you feel like there is nothing impossible that one can achieve. My reiki session with her was filled with such peace, calm, and serenity. I left my first session and felt the most amazing relaxation and calm that I haven't felt in years!!  Immediately I knew that I had to tell my whole family about her and they all followed my recommendation and had a session with Soraya. I can honestly state everyone single member of my family left feeling the same way I did from just one session!!  She is a true healer. I am very fortunate that our paths have crossed.  Sitah, Los Angeles, CA

"I have heard about reiki for quite some time and had been wanting to try it out but there are not a lot of practitioners where I live.  I was in LA for a few days and after inquiring with a very popular practitioner, I was introduced to Soraya who came highly recommended.  Soraya was so kind and flexible in trying to find a time that worked with my busy schedule.  She also has a warmth about her and very positive energy that just makes you feel like you're in good hands.  The session was relaxing and I immediately felt lighter and more balanced afterward.  She was able to pick up on things about me and helped me work through a mental block/rut. I walked away feeling very hopeful about things and I kept marveling at how present I felt in the days that followed.  Soraya also genuinely cares about people; she sent me some information on Chakras and has followed up a few times to check up on me.  I am so glad I decided to try reiki and that Soraya was my practitioner!  It's been about 3 weeks since my session and I feel more present and hopeful than ever.  I have been meditating for several years but have always struggled with my morning meditation sittings.  Since reiki I have been much more dedicated and focused on my meditation.  I highly recommend reiki and Soraya specifically, your mind/body/spirit will thank you for it! I believe when it comes to something like reiki, it's really important to work with someone who has a pure, good soul and Soraya definitely has that. I look forwarding to another reiki session with her the next time I am in LA."  Merhawit, Alexandria, VA

"I have so many great things to say about my experience with Soraya. First of all she's welcoming, easy to talk to, and most importantly she is understanding and intuitive. I would advise anyone who is interested in a session with Soraya to think of her as a spiritual guidance counselor that will help you deal with your issue(s) with the utmost respect they deserve and bring you clarity. She is patient with helping you understand what you need to deal with in order to begin healing. A one-time session brought me a lot of clarity. I recommend anyone with any unresolved or troubling issue(s)  to meet with her. She will be able to help on your journey to personal growth. Just absolutely brilliant energy!"   Dalal, San Francisco, CA

"I was not a big fan of reiki, as I had a session with someone a few years ago that did not do much for me. Since I am not in a good place with my life now, I thought I should try again with a different reiki healer, and I am so glad I did! Soraya is simply wonderful! A great listener, the most intuitive and compassionate person, genuinely warm and caring. She has a natural gift of giving hope and lifting the spirit. During the session I felt safe, peaceful and relaxed as she explained the chakras and the healing process. My anxiety is usually up to the roof, but after the session I felt it went down. I really appreciate the fact that the next day Soraya followed up with me to see how I felt. I don't know what the future holds for me; what I know is that I will go back for more sessions." Simona, Los Angeles, CA

"There are some people, if you're lucky, that will sort of float into your life, surrounded by some kind of otherworldly glow, and you'll find yourself asking what you've ever, ever done to deserve to even, like, live on the same planet with someone who radiates such loveliness.Soraya is, quite frankly, a magnanimous human that I stumbled upon at my lowest point both mentally and spiritually and, with a healing touch and genuine words, has contributed immensely in helping me find my balance. I unequivocally recommend her services to any and all looking for alternative ways to find your center and get back to living your best life. She's an absolute godsend and the care and concern she vests for her guests in need of healing is indeed a gift from the Universe."  Christyn, Los Angeles, CA

"Soraya has a remarkable ability to pick up on someone's energies and state of emotions. She approached me one day at yoga- without knowing anything, she could sense what I was going through, and so asked me to come see her.  At first it felt hard to open up, but Soraya has the utmost comforting nature to create a space of safety and openness. In the beginning I felt confused, uncertain and vulnerable. Soraya has such a nurturing and attentive nature, with Reiki she meticulously explained and pin pointed what every one of my chakras was emoting, and managed to flip my outlook in my current state of self view, and further penetrate my conscious state of mind . She has a very interesting perspective on how to observe thoughts and get rid of negative energy and feelings that have grown over time and that do not serve. The session ran much longer than I thought, as to me time flew- in that session it felt like time did not exist. I really felt present in Soraya's presence. By the end of the session and over time, I have felt more trusting, grounded, clarity, observant and empowered. I highly recommend having a session with Soraya, if you're seeking to tap into realms that bring light to your current and subconscious state of mind, and to help deconstruct your overall belief system for the more positive."  Yasmine, Los Angeles, CA

"I received my first reiki session with Soraya a few months ago.  It was amazing so I had to go back for another one last week.  In the first session she helped me open some blocks with her intuitive and loving energy.  My second session was even more magical and deeply healing.  Soraya is extremely gifted.  She was able to uncover things that I had been suppressing subconsciously for years.  After I left I felt immediately lighter.  My anxiety is fading away and I feel grateful and at peace. Soraya's space is lovely and calming and my favorite part of her sessions is the use of her charged crystals.....very powerful!"   Lianne, Los Angeles, CA

"I am so grateful for meeting with Soraya. I'm a student and I suddenly found myself with feeling so much pressure that was brought upon by myself. I eventually started having anxiety attacks and began to feel so lost with my direction in life. I was dealing with a lot of doubt and disbelief.  Struggling with what felt like an emotional roller coaster every single day. I wanted answers on how to feel better and find out what was truly behind all this anxiety. Of course, it's taking time to find that. I decided to try Reiki Healing and found Soraya on Yelp. I knew I had to go to her after our conversation over the phone. She sensed my struggle in my voice and right away came to my rescue as she spoke to me words of love and courage. During our session, I felt safe to be there and talk about the things I find difficult to be open about. She is truly amazing. Her healing made me feel the light that I've been missing for a while. Through the days following, I feel as though my re-alignment is close. I can sense it happening, slowly but surely. Thank you so much, Soraya! I look forward to meeting with you again :)"  Lexi, Los Angeles, CA

"Soraya is an incredible healer. Her balanced and calm energy instantly puts you at ease. I began seeing Soraya a few months ago when I was suffering from debilitating daily migraines. She not only helped me work through the psychological blockages exacerbating my pain and truly became a friend in the process. She truly cares about her clients and takes the time to reach out regularly to see how I'm doing, send me helpful links and share kind words. Simply put, she's helped me not only work my way back to 100%, but help set me on a new path with a higher standard of what I consider 100%."  Joanna, Los Angeles, CA

"Soraya is the most intuitive, down to earth, caring, nurturing, warm, and loving person.  I first reached out to Soraya for reiki healing for my beloved golden retriever, Lily. Lily was terminally ill and I was having a really hard time letting go.  I wanted to send Lily the purest form of love I could and help her release the anxiety and fear I sensed around her. I was in a terrible place emotionally because letting go of my beloved was honestly heart wrenching for me-- this was the hardest thing I ever had to go through. But the minute I started speaking with Soraya about Lily (in tears), I immediately started to feel better. She has the most gentle, patient, kind, and caring demeanor and clearly just wanted the best for Lily and myself. Even though we did Reiki healing for my Lily, Soraya also made sure I received a lot of the reiki too because I was really needing it. After just the first session with Soraya, I felt entirely different. I still felt heartbroken, but I felt warmer, more heart-centered, and more peaceful. That's where it started. We did a few sessions for my Lily gradually easing her fear and anxiety, and gradually helping me come into acceptance and understand that I want the highest good for Lily which might not ultimately be her presence here on Earth with me. Not only did Soraya help with the actual Reiki for Lily, but she helped me really understand what was going on for me, and to process all of my feelings and emotions surrounding this transition. Soraya is without a doubt the most caring and nurturing person I've ever met. When Lily finally did pass on, I once again felt incredibly empty inside. In those first few days when I didn't know how to do or be anything, Soraya helped me pick myself back up, practice self-care and self-love, and slowly find my way back again. I am truly indebted to her- she is an absolutely life-changing healer. It's not just the reiki healing that makes this a unique experience- it's the way Soraya blends the reiki energy with her intuitive nature-- she's helped me witness and begin to move through so many blockages in my life. Every time we have a session I learn more new things about myself- I honestly cannot recommend her highly enough.  It was clear from the get-go that Soraya has this incredible way to make you feel loved, cared for, nurtured, and peaceful.  You will never meet a more genuine healer than Soraya."   Katie, Santa Monica, CA

"Soraya has a gift for Reiki and healing.   I received my first Reiki session not knowing what to expect.    I didn't know the journey it would lead me to; but I wanted change in my life - that was my goal.   Soraya's intuition and care helped me get to the root problem right away at the first session.      24 hours later, I began to take the first steps that led to some positive change.    I became self-aware of what blocked me from achieving my goal.   I am more aware and conscious; and more brave.My overall energy has changed; it is more focused and feelings that I have subconsciously suppressed for years; are in the forefront.  I can now confront them; and heal them.I  feel lighter; my stress level is at an all time low. The World of Reiki is very powerful and positive.   I believe Soraya is truly gifted at this; she is a wonderful guide and it is important to have someone like her guide you in this process."

Rachel, Los Angeles, CA

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